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dancin-gal posted 5/7/2019 19:23 PM

My WS is grateful I chose to stay for the time being giving him the opportunity to work on himself . He is being transparent, he has told me what I needed to know .. he is close to me most of the day .. giving me hugs.. telling me he loves me. He knows I am scared, I have been here before .. each day so far has been a step forward .. this time he is looking for answers , being honest. He is trying to be all I want and more ..we are laughing and having fun.. he wants our remaining years to be together in a loving relationship.. and then says he has a lot of work To do with his IC .. time will tell .. but there is a smile on my face .. A grateful feeling is good !

Shocked123 posted 5/7/2019 21:55 PM

Thank you for your refreshing post. My H is behaving in a similar way and somtimes, I can even get carried away by his good mood and great outlook on the future. Unfortunately, sometimes the thought of what he did just knocks me down.
More and more though, I feel more confident that we will be able to work this out. I will forever walk around with a broken heart and he knows it. I am damaged and so is he.
we both have to work on the repairs for different reasons.
Good luck with your healing journey.

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