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Update on work sitch

FaithFool posted 2/8/2019 19:30 PM

So some of you will know I got my MA last summer after doing a work term. They hired me back on a floating contract a couple of days a week doing research projects as required.

I'll be off March and April cos I have other things going on in music world, but they're hiring me back for a recurring summer project for four months at three days a week.

Found out they're bumping me up the pay scale because I'm not a student anymore. It adds up to more than $10/hour raise for a contract researcher, and I'm already collecting retirement, so that is a nice little bump!

That should pay for my epic 5-week adventure in the fall which is shaping up to be pretty awesome and might involve some musical activities.

And my degrees are in humanities. Yes, I have horseshoes...


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Chili posted 2/8/2019 19:47 PM

Excellent news F2! You've got so much groovy stuff going on - you sure you're "post" anything?

I keep getting the sense that you really are in your sweet spot these days. So happy for you.

(Fellow traveler in turning humanities into beans and rice money so I get it.)

imagoodwitch posted 2/9/2019 07:29 AM

You are such an inspiration!

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