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A WS Thanksgiving - what are you thankful for?

Pdxguy posted 11/21/2018 15:51 PM

Here are some things I can be grateful for:
-Being alive
-Having two amazing, healthy boys
-My WS is an amazing mother to our boys
-Grace (wherever it is)
-Good health
-Possibilities, a future that I can't define now, but it's there!
-A path toward healing
-This amazing country and the opportunities we have
-The path of truth
-The chance to give back (feeding the homeless in Thanksgiving)

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Barregirl posted 11/21/2018 18:23 PM

Great topic Pdx! Hope you have a fulfilling day tomorrow. This has been quite the year for me, so things I am grateful for are:
- my H, whose strength and compassion leave me floored on a daily basis
- my health (not guaranteed)
- my family, without whom I would not have made it through the past year
- my job
- my friends and finally
- everyone here at SI for being so open and willing to share experiences.
Happy Thanksgiving!

ff4152 posted 11/22/2018 07:19 AM


Things that I am greatful for:

- My wife and child are healthy and happy (for the most part)
- I am healthy
- My immediate family are all healthy
- We all have roofs over our heads, clothes on our backs and food in our stomachs
- That I have a well paying job that allows me to provide for my family. This becomes more meaningful to me as time goes by.
- That I am no longer cheating. That I continue to change my mindset and become a better person.

Those are some of the most important ones. I do wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

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