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Agnostic/Atheist Support Group

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mourningtheloss posted 10/8/2009 16:23 PM

SurvivingInCA, Pair of Agnostic/Atheists here. I took my ring off soon after DDay, WH didn't even notice. Many weeks went by and I sort of showed him mine was gone. He took his off then. I felt bad that he did...but then it made sense. I thought of all people HE should not be wearing that ring. He touched HER with that ring so now I HATE that ring. It means nothing now. But..what to do with the rings? We are not at place where we should renew our vows and if we were would we have the rings melted and redesigned? Or should we just throw them away and get new ones? I'm thinking of throwing them away. They are meaningless now. MY ring is fine, I didn't cheat, but his is contaminated.

I have also considered tattooing rings on our fingers some day but if he cheated again after that I would have to cut off his finger. Oh well...

EmptyCup posted 10/8/2009 16:24 PM

I'm here - Jewish atheist married to a Catholic believer, although he's stopped going to church. After the A, he found solace more in reading zen than his religion.

SurvivingInCa - you say you don't believe in blessings and rituals, but you seem to be in need of a ritual The first thing that came to mind was a thorough cleaning. Maybe you and your spouse could light a candle, say some nice words, and put the rings on eachother's fingers?

ETA: I don't think he stopped going to church because of the A. I'm not sure why, actually, but he's been getting disillusioned with it all.

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Sereneaspiration posted 10/13/2009 05:12 AM

MourningtheLoss, are they gold? If so, send 'em off for cash! :-)

Recoveringwife posted 12/8/2009 17:53 PM

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socold posted 12/17/2009 20:51 PM

<poking my head in>

Always admired the fact this thread existed, but honestly never felt the need for help in this department. I fit the criteria and all, but just never made it down here.

Any-hoo, wanted to share this excellent secular Christmas song by one of my favorite entertainers from Australia (their best kept secret IMO) Tim Minchin. This song is called White Wine in the Sun and its quite moving and witty:

Happy Holiday Season

doodley posted 4/2/2010 13:28 PM

Hello skeptics! Just dropping in to say hello - it's Atheist coming out week and all.


Mrs Panda posted 4/3/2010 22:42 PM

Just noticed this group. I guess I am an agnostic - although I want to believe. I was raised Lutheran. My BH is a hard-core atheist. When me met, I still belived. But he wore me down with logic over the years. Yet tonight, I am sitting here (alone) watching the 10 Commandments on TV. Great movie. Ironic about the "thou shalt not commit adultery" part. Anyway...

I find myself WANTING to belive again. Tomorrow is Easter. I would love to believe in something higher. But I just can't see it possible.

Does that ever terrify you all? I hate thinking about death, that this is all there is. I think about it all the time, especially now. That this life is all BH and I have - so we better make the best of it.

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doodley posted 4/5/2010 11:40 AM

Personally, I haven't believed since I was a child. I don't miss it or yearn for it. I think that I came to be an Atheist all on my own, I was never forced. Admitting that I was a non-believer was the most freeing thing I ever experienced. AS far as fearing death, I find the idea of death scary, sure. But I think that death just being the end is far less scary than being judged and/or burning in eternal hell on some technicality.

doodley posted 4/27/2010 12:05 PM

Anybody out there? I feel the need to vent.

I get so sick of people's attitude that since I am an atheist, that I deserve every bad thing that has happened to me. How un-Christlike can you get?

And another thing that gripes my hide, is "Putting it in God's hands." The ULTIMATE cop-out.

/end vent

*edited for grammatical errors

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stretch13 posted 4/28/2010 09:57 AM

hi all. i'm so glad to find you. i am having a tough, tough, tough day of many in the last two weeks or so.

the thing that makes my head explode (and then brings on the creeping self-doubt of a recovering catholic) is when people in my family say two things:

first my parents blame all marital problems on the seemingly "godless" inlaws. my WH husband wouldn't have done this or be so confused if he had a proper religious upbringing... I shut that down quickly with facts: his parents have been married for 35 years, raised him lutheran, and his mother plays bells and sings choir at about 4 different churches. (btw - at one time, my korean SIL apparently caused my brother's raging alcoholism with her cultural differences and arguing).

now i'm getting this... "i just don't see how this will ever get better without WH putting Jesus in his heart." that's it. the sum total of problem and solution, made so very evident by statistics. you know, the ones that show that if you are saved, you won't cheat and impregnate an OW...and if you are both saved, together you can save this marriage and handle an OC.

ARRRRRGGGGGGG. sometimes i feel like it's the only camp to offer me any "hope" that i can save this marriage. part of me is still hanging onto this "meant to be" dream i have, and so i fall back on "well, maybe they are right, maybe i can only save this marriage or have a successful one if we go to church every week."

but i can't do it, the thoughts don't feel authentic. right now i'm more vulnerable than i've ever been, so of course i'd be tempted to go back to another abuser? i always felt so guilty and powerless and wrong in the faith of my FOO.

i guess i want someone i trust to tell that me religion or lack thereof is not the reason this has failed. i want to stop feeling guilty for wanting to leave without, i don't know, going to retrauvaille and "learning intimacy using the bible and by praying together."

incidentally, my catholic parents totally support me either way...made easier and brought to you by (breathless pause)- The 7th Commandment and the fact that i have grounds for annulment.

i've never seen myself so cynical. i'm usually a pretty romantically minded person, hoping there are such things as reasons for things, challenges given and destiny. that was the first thing to leave me, and probably will be the last to return. i miss my dreamy sense of romance and destiny...always kept in check by a pretty level, nerdy head. the bleakness without it is crushing. and i suppose i see people use religion to fill that bleak view and brighten it. i want something else to do that for me. i feel so lost. to be expected i suppose.

Cogal posted 4/28/2010 21:30 PM

Ahhh, another comfortable place! Atheist here, stbx is an agnostic, thank goodness we will at least agree how to raise the kids on that part post-D :)

Blue Monday posted 5/1/2010 21:32 PM

It's nice to stumble across this thread.

Luckily, I haven't had any well intentioned people trying to offer religion as reason or salvation from my situation. But it has been a major concern for me while seeking out my IC.

To me, and even through all of this, the world remains more beautiful, meaningful, and deeply profound without religion as a personal practice.

I will engage in the argument when I have to. But I prefer the route of mutual respect when the subject of religion (or lack thereof) comes up.

Although I must admit it is always nice to find a place where you can relax.

So, um, yeah.

Athiest here.

7yearitch posted 5/14/2010 12:46 PM

I live in a very religious area. I want to try MC, but our first try didn't go so well. Even after I told the counselor I was an atheist, he continued to dole out the religious advice and prayers. What is a polite way to ask potential MCs over the phone if they counsel from a religious angle only?

Blue Monday posted 5/17/2010 15:23 PM

What has worked for me is asking, "What is your counselling approach as it relates to spirituality and religion?" And if they get a little dodgy on that answer, I will follow it with asking them about their personal preference whether or not to use religious methodology, such as the 12 step program, for most of their clients.

I have found that the counselors who are willing to provide religion free sessions are quick to present themselves and will go a bit out of their way to make sure you understand they are willing.

I wish you lots of luck with this and hope that it helps.

doodley posted 5/20/2010 13:26 PM

you ARE out there!! Yay!

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StillGoing posted 5/21/2010 13:26 PM

Was raised RCC, but been an atheist for a long time. Honestly thought about going to confession even though I'm an unbeliever. Have so far decided not to since I don't really want to be hypocritical, seems insulting.

Just writing this makes me aghast to realize my own emotions running so.. wherever.. and I eyeball religion.

Blue Monday posted 5/21/2010 19:32 PM

I don't think there's much weird in considering going to confession. There is something about being able to walk in and talk to someone who has dedicated their life to helping others, whether it be through a religion you believe in or not.

Regardless of believing in the religion, I think that there is an authority and difference of seeing the world that it's natural to think about or crave. Especially when you were raised to understand the RCC. And when you are raised RCC, the church tends to extend open arms back to you. Which I totally get the allure of that. Even if it would only result in momentary sanctuary from everything you're going through.

I also get the feelings of hypocricy surrounding the urge. And I would just say not to be too harsh on yourself for it. There's nothing wrong with what you're feeling or considering.

And there's nothing wrong with a decision to go or to not go. I think one of the hardest things is to let yourself be where you are when it's exactly where you don't want to be.

I hope you know and can feel that there is a lot of support here for you. And that you can make it through all of this.

BTW, I was raised RCC, too. So if I'm projecting my feelings about it onto you I'm truly sorry. I guess what you said just echoed in me quite a bit....

kdny posted 5/21/2010 20:55 PM

doodley, you have a PM

StillGoing posted 5/25/2010 07:20 AM

Thanks Blue. You aren't projecting. That momentary sanctuary of having someone else tell you authoritatively that it'll all be ok is exactly what I meant, yeah.

Blue Monday posted 5/29/2010 10:28 AM

I've found that strangely a lot of my very religious friends have been quite thoughtfully supportive through all of this. I suppose that's why I really don't have much of a problem with religious people, just religious zealotry.

And I totally get the authoritative support. I am finding that mostly in my IC. Right now it's both exactly what I want and need as well as something that is sort of difficult to take. The unconditional interest in my well being.

It's good, though. And I know I need it. I say get it wherever you healthily can.

It's nice to know other people crave this and need it, too.

Thanks to you, too.

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