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 WhiteCarrera (original poster member #29126) posted at 3:45 AM on Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021

We're 12 years into reconciliation, and last week I was on WW's iPad looking for a new restaurant to try. Using Google Maps, I clicked on a restaurant, and along with the other info, it said something like, "You visited here five years ago." It had the date and time that we had once eaten there. Looking further there was what could be a goldmine of information, and this can all be viewed from the person's phone, iPad or desktop, so long as they are logged in to their Google/Gmail account and location services have been on.

If you go to the menu, you can open "Your Timeline" which shows location data (times and places) maybe going back as far as 2014.
You can select a calendar date and see that day's movements, or you can look at the map with all the location markers. I was curious if she had any markers in the OM's neighborhood (other side of a major city) and she did not, but I noticed a couple strange markers a little closer to home, with some strange times, on dates that I was travelling for work. It got me digging for some more info before we have a couple serious conversations.

I don't think the addresses and business names are 100% accurate, but they're pretty close, and each location is time stamped. This may be very helpful to many of us.

If I want recovery, then I must allow for it to actually happen. Is it possible that I actually do have all the truth now?

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grubs ( member #77165) posted at 5:33 PM on Thursday, November 11th, 2021

It's as accurate as the phones gps at the time. Depending on signal level that can be off a bit. The addresses are best guess off the gps coordinates and their arcis map. You can also see how long someone is at a particular location. Helpful for those I just dropped him off and left in minutes lies. Not prefect but pretty useful.

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Lionne ( member #25560) posted at 12:30 PM on Saturday, November 13th, 2021

I used to use this and Life 360 to find out where he was, to confirm he was not engaging in, "ahem", his hobbies. Now I check one in awhile to make sure he's safe (we are old) or see if he's on his way for dinner prep.
Last week I checked to see if it was accurate, just for fun. Imagine my surprise when it showed him in the middle of a huge mulch pile at a factory about 2 miles away. Except he was in the living room watching football.
Technology has its limits.

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