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Ex is still blaming me 7 months later

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DanielJK posted 4/15/2021 09:44 AM

The victim mentality amazes me.

Can they not hear themselves talk?

Thinks that my leaving the M did more damage than anything he did to me

Geez. It's all your fault that you had to leave the marriage

Hang in there. Truth is on your side.

Shehawk posted 4/19/2021 09:25 AM

I am truly sorry this is happening. I have personally experienced this. I remember a line from a child's movie "Buzz Light-year" that said something like "You think Zurg (the villain) is behind every cat up a tree. It was my experience that wh and his passe of affair supporting co abusers (I believe infidelity is severe abuse) thought/think I was responsible for every thing that wh did/does.

To that I say "good luck honey" (aps) or good luck wh's friends because you stand a good chance of becoming the next Zurg. Me? I want people in my life who take responsibility for their own actions and are genuinely sorry when they hurt others.....

I wish you peace and healing.

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