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Covid vaccine

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jrc1963 posted 3/2/2021 16:01 PM

Our governor finally pulled his head out of his butt and signed an order for teachers and LEO's over 50 to get vaccinated!!

I have an appt for Next Monday.

Evertrying posted 3/2/2021 16:21 PM

My husband and I are fully vaccinated. First shot was 1/30/21 and the second was 2/21/21. Both received Pfizer. With the exception of a sore arm and a little tired the next day, we both had no negative side effects. Lucky, our experience was smooth, easy to get appointments and the process was quick. My H is considered a first responder and I care for my elderly mother (who is also now fully vaccinated and had no side effects. She is 85 yrs old)

Now that J&J had their vaccine approved, it just adds to the number of doses. I was not afraid and would do it again in a heartbeat. It's the only thing that is going to get us out of this crap, and it's a lot better than being on a ventilator.

[This message edited by Evertrying at 4:28 PM, March 2nd (Tuesday)]

thebighurt posted 3/2/2021 18:20 PM

Thanks for posting your experiences, Jeanniegirl and Evertrying. So far so good here. Felt it for an hour or so at the injection site but nothing since..... knock on wood.... I hope to have no problems as I have things I need to get done the next 2 days.

And I agree that it definitely beats being on a ventilator! Even if I do get side effects.

number4 posted 3/3/2021 19:30 PM

You know, the more Im reading about the J&J vaccine, I hope I get it. It continues to rise in efficacy for 56 days after inoculation. Not that Id turn down the others, but by the time I become eligible, the J&J one will be more available.

BraveSirRobin posted 3/3/2021 20:55 PM

I had the first dose of Pfizer on Saturday, as did my 80 year old mother. My H got Moderna. None of us had any side effects beyond a mildly sore arm. Everyone I know who's fully vaccinated got Moderna, and they say the second shot kicks your ass. I don't know anyone who has had Pfizer. I'll report back on Round II in a few weeks!

jrc1963 posted 3/4/2021 12:43 PM

Just found out that my vaccine next week will be the Johnson & Johnson one... I'm kinda happy about only one shot to worry about.

Would prefer higher efficacy of the Pfizer or Moderna but I like what Number4 said about rising efficacy of the J & J.

Has anyone had the J & J yet? Any Side Effects?

Charity411 posted 3/4/2021 20:42 PM

I get my first dose on Monday. I'm so excited. I haven't seen my grandkids or daughter for a year. I got the appointment on Walmart's website at just after Midnight when they replenish the appointments. I set my alarm to do it. It was like The Hunger Games.

I have since been able to get my best friend, who is a gay male that is HIV positive an appointment and he immediately left after I helped him through it and got two other elderly women in my community appointments by walking them through it.

Oddly, I live in a town of 3,600 that gets 1.3 million visitors a year. Because of how proactive we were with our businesses to keep people safe, we had a lower infection rate than most counties in our state. So we are getting fewer doses because we did our job, inspite of a now growing spike in tourism again. It's terribly unfair that our actual residents are being penalized for our city doing a good job.

number4 posted 3/5/2021 17:29 PM

I don't know if this is just in California, but my dermatologist told me today (after I joked with him about hiring me so I could qualify for a vaccine) that he knows several people who have volunteered at the vaccine mega sites in our metro area in order to get their own vaccine. They just have to do paper work/administrative stuff for a day, and voila, they get immunized.

Something people in other states might look into.

tushnurse posted 3/5/2021 17:41 PM

Got Moderna #2 24 hours ago. Sore arm, sore achy neck on same side as shot and shivers.
But totally worth it.

Want some reaction so I know my body is recognizing it and making me safe.

jrc1963 posted 3/6/2021 20:07 PM

Well - they took away our Johnson and Johnson vaccines... but they're going to give us the Pfizer one... so I guess it's still all good.

number4 posted 3/7/2021 15:14 PM

H got Moderna #1 yesterday. Our future son-in-law (FSIL) has a little extra time on his hands and discovered an appt. aggregator he can use online to snag appts. for eligible friends and family, so after H complaining that there were no appts. available through MyTurn (CA's vaccine registry), FSIL was able to get one within 15 minutes on Friday night for an appt. yesterday. FSIL says he does this for people for the thrill of the hunt. One woman tried to pay him for it and he was very uncomfortable with that. I've since heard there are lots of youngish people out there who are doing this... it's like playing a video game. 😂

At least when my time comes, I won't have to worry about not being able to find an appt. Hopefully my doctor's office will have it by then anyway, and I can just go in there.

Interesting experience, though, yesterday at the Rite Aid. The pharmacist gave a group of four women who came together, their second Moderna shot (not sure how they all knew each other, but they did); she then told them since they had not had any adverse reactions after the first shot, they didn't need to stick around after the second shot. And she also told H he could leave after 5-10 minutes. I think I'd rather have mine administered by a nurse, or in a doctor's office.

PricklePatch posted 3/8/2021 01:08 AM

I had to go to the ER sat nite. I had a pre syncope incident and bashed my head, sprained several places. I was asked if I wanted to see if I met the criteria for medically compromised, yes. I knew I did. So they tested me for COVID, once that was cleared I got the shot, one and done. The shot wasnt a big deal in of itself. I was admitted to the hospital due to my bashed head and low blood pressure. I fell hard several sprains. But no vaccine side affects.

zebra25 posted 3/8/2021 07:36 AM

Glad you were able to get the vaccine Prickle. I hope you're okay and feeling better!

PricklePatch posted 3/8/2021 09:38 AM

I am waiting to be cleared by the neurologist. Since it was the weekend, my regular doc came in today. He wants me cleared by a neurologist.

3kids30years posted 3/9/2021 14:23 PM

Just used MyTurn CA to book my appt - 1st vaccine on Sunday!


Charity411 posted 3/9/2021 14:48 PM

I got my first shot yesterday. I reserved it with Walmart on line. They automatically scheduled me for the second shot before I left their pharmacy. I feel like there is a pin prick of light at the end of the tunnel.

DragnHeart posted 3/9/2021 15:07 PM

I have no idea when vaccines will be available for us up here.

Briefly heard that the J&J vaccine was approved for 18-64 only so those they are vaccinating, i think 50-64 first. All 80 and above are being done so its the 65-79 that's waiting. My parents are in this group so it concerns me that they can't get a shot yet.

I also read an article that said family doctors have no idea how the roll out of vaccines will be dealt with once available. Just seems to be a chaotic mess.

Then again i am not listening to the news every day and always take online news reports with a grain of salt.

forgettableDad posted 3/9/2021 15:29 PM

Over fifty percent of Israel (my country) has been vaccinated. We've had two HUGE studies regarding the vaccines (~95% effective and even with the people that got infected it reduces symptom severity).

My wife and I had the first shot (sore arm for one day after) and having the second shot early next week. Most of the people I work with and know have already been vaccinated. Second shot seems to have some mild effects like fatigue and a bit of a headache but nothing that lasts longer than a day.

So... yeah, medtech rules! :D

(ah yea, and studies are also showing that it's safe during pregnancy as well).

[This message edited by forgettableDad at 3:31 PM, March 9th (Tuesday)]

thebighurt posted 3/9/2021 15:34 PM

I received offers from two places today for a first shot. I was on their lists, but already received my first one last week. Makes it seem it is much more available now. One offered Pfizer, the other has Moderna.

One drug store here had a clinic at a public bldg over the weekend, too. All of these drug stores are for over 65 only now. A state site here had 24-hour appointments, for anyone who wanted J&J in the overnight hours until it is gone, Pfizer the rest of the operating hours for those the state has qualified. A neighbor said her son, who has been exposed twice at work jumped on getting the J&J, as he is too young to get vaccinated any other way.

grubs posted 3/9/2021 20:08 PM

My age bracket opens up tomorrow. Will see how quick I can get scheduled than,. I think it's 1million more statewide. Wife receives the 2nd dose Friday. I've already been warned that she'll need pampering since she reacted to the first dose.

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