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new dog walking coat

million pieces posted 12/8/2020 17:27 PM

I need a new, very warm dog walking coat. I walk my dogs about 2 miles at 530am every morning, so it need to be warm and washable (reflective would be cool also, but I have light up gear for that). In the past I have had Land's End coats which I really love. Asked for a new coat a couple of years ago and my generous (not practical) SO bought me a white, North Face coat that you aren't supposed to wash. I've washed it, because I get crap on it daily. And really, my old beat up Land End coat is warmer.

So anyway, is Land's End still good? LLBean? Anyone else? Want a long coat, lots of pockets.


zebra25 posted 12/8/2020 19:12 PM

I have the ultra warm coat from Llbean. I've had it for several years and am happy with it. I wish I had chosen the longer version when I decided to get a warm long coat for dog walking. I got a different one from Llbean that is not as warm.

I have had coats in the past that I was happy with from Land's End. I don't think they are as generous with pockets as they used to be.

You are a trooper walking in the cold at 5:30am!!

number4 posted 12/8/2020 20:17 PM

My daughter in MA has an LL Bean coat she uses for dog walking; I'm not sure of the length, though. If we'd not moved away from the Midwest and I was still dog walking, then I definitely would go for the longer length of any coat. In fact, when we were still living in our condo and I had to dog walk four times a day during the winter, I was about to seriously consider a Canada Goose long coat... the Alliston Parka - it's a hefty price, but people who have Canada Goose swear by them in extreme weather climates. And you can wash and dry the Alliston Parka. But you're in MD, so you may not need something quite as drastic.

Definitely pick something waterproof, too.

Bigger posted 12/10/2020 04:24 AM

I had this long post about the stupidity of getting your dog a white non-washable coat when I realized you might be talking about a coat for YOU to wear when walking the dogÖ

I live in an area that can get quite cold over the winter. I also look like an idiot wearing any hat or cap, and have endured long cold walks in winter wearing stylish clothes rather than warm or convenient clothes. Changed that once I got my black Labrador! Now I will put on layers, a scarf, mittens and a beanie-cap (got them at a hardware-store, made with reflective threads so I glow like a candle in the dark). I pre-open poop-bags so I donít have to take off my gloves. If I go to his favorite dog-park thatís located on the crest of an exposed hill I might even slip in some hand-warmers.

I say go for any coat that resembles a sleeping-bag more than a coat. Feeling warm beats looking hot any day in my books!

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