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Learned about 2 deaths last week

TrustedHer posted 12/4/2020 15:41 PM

One was not unexpected. Over 80, morbidly obese, diabetic, with phlebitis. On dialysis. Still driving herself last time I saw her, about a year and a half ago. Nice lady. I truly expected to visit with her again sometime in the next few months when I travel to Spokane to handle some of my brother's interests there. Heard the news from my ex, and I have no idea how she found out. That made it even worse.

The other was a former coworker from my days as a traveling consultant. 50's, recently widowed, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He fought it for months, but it took him in mid-November. I had been getting regular text updates about his treatment, and they stopped, so I investigated.

Fuck cancer.

Chili posted 12/4/2020 16:09 PM


I'm so sorry to hear of your losses. Whether unexpected or sudden - it just plain stinks. These strange days make connecting and grieving that much more difficult on so many levels.

lieshurt posted 12/4/2020 16:22 PM

I'm sorry Trustedher.

BearlyBreathing posted 12/4/2020 19:40 PM

Ugh. I learned about 2 friends being diagnosed this week. One is a dad of a 6 year old who’s colon cancer returned and is now stage 4. The other is the wife of a friend and she was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforma, which is the worst of the brain tumors.
100% agree. Fuck cancer.

thebighurt posted 12/4/2020 21:43 PM

(((((TH))))) Just something we read or hear, almost doesn't feel like it's real that they are gone. So hard that we cannot see them or gather to honor them.

A close female relative, like a sister to me, was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer. She will have a lumpectomy next week and the surgeon will check lymph nodes then too. The only sort-of encouraging news is that it is a very early stage and quite small. Watching the news and a bit concerned that they are starting to cancel surgeries in the area due to Covid cases being so high. Fuck Cancer. Fuck COVID.

PricklePatch posted 12/4/2020 22:31 PM

My condolences on your losses.

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