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Selling engagement/wedding rings

Jess09 posted 11/17/2019 16:52 PM

Hello all. Been awhile since I have posted. 3 months post divorce. Doing well. Wish I still didnt struggle with the horrible things he did to me last year. But am happy to be mostly free of him.

I was wondering if anyone has sold their wedding rings? I donít want to keep it or reuse it for some other type of jewelry. I honestly could use the money after all the lawyer fees. I have barely any savings left.

Anyhow, was just wondering about any suggestions or options on places I could sell it.

Marie2792 posted 11/17/2019 22:22 PM

I havenít done this but I would suggest getting quotes from a few different places before you decide on one. Stay away from pawn shops, they tend to give you the least because they thought is you may sit it back.

CatsNTats posted 11/17/2019 22:49 PM

I sold the ones from my first marriage on consignment through my now deceased WH's step sisters jewelry store.

MakingMyFuture posted 11/18/2019 06:59 AM

Sell sell sell. If you donít have any sentimental value attached to it, making it into other jewelry is not going to ďhelpĒ and you need the money.

Look at local consignment shops and/or consignment shops in the closest high-end town (they tend to have the best stuff because wealthy people are always ďupgradingĒ and their kids have expensive tastes as well but are always Patrice coscious and more likely to shop consignment). There are also some online sites (canít think offhand of the name), that will purchase mostly for the stone value (I think maybe blue diamond?!?) I donít know how their price/value compares to consignment.

I do have one small recommendation. If you can afford it, donít put ALL of the money towards legal fees. Even if it is very small.....buy something small for yourself as a token of your new life. A piece of costume jewelry you love, a pair of shoes that make you smile, a book on healing or badass women. Something small so you know you have taken something broken and invested just a small part Into your new beautiful life of your own making. Then later when it feels ďgoneĒ you will have something to point to or pick up or put on to remember itís just transformed into supporting your new life.

MamaDragon posted 11/18/2019 08:35 AM

I sold my first set, because he wanted them back. I handed him the receipt and told him he could go buy them back. He didn't.

The second set, (marriage lasted 6 months including the D) since I bought them, I took one ring and had a pendant made of the diamond & gave the engagement ring to my Mom - who had drooled over it.

My third marriage, well long story short - we are still together but our first set was stolen (by his Mom), the second set I removed but still kept - and didn't wear on my left hand - and now, 10 years plus after, he bought me a new set of rings.

So sell them! buy yourself something sparkly or treat yourself to something YOU desire :)

WornDown posted 11/18/2019 15:55 PM

Go around to a few jewelers and/or pawn shops, see how much they are offering. Sell to the highest bidder.

JanaGreen posted 11/18/2019 19:20 PM

I had heard that diamonds don't have a high resale value so I gave mine to my daughter along with the gorgeous pearls my MIL gave me to wear on my wedding day and the diamond studs her dad gave me when we were fake reconciling. I'm glad for her to have those things. They are at her dad's house.

nutmegkitty posted 12/12/2019 18:20 PM

You can have the diamond taken out of the setting, and sell the gold separately. You will get the same price for gold wherever you go (market value).

You can sell your diamond on eBay. It's helpful to have the documentation.

ShatteredSakura posted 12/13/2019 20:11 PM

It's helpful to have the documentation.

I remember the jeweler that I bought WW's engagement ring from gave a reference to an appraiser so we could get the certifications/documentation/appraisal/whatever to go along with it. I never did because I didn't think I'd need to...the ring would become an heirloom in my family. I'm kicking myself now.

TBH I cannot yet sell it. Probably going to lock it up and forget about it, and maybe one day offer it to someone close to me to use for themselves or something. Maybe I'll feel differently in a year or two, I don't know.

staystrong101 posted 12/27/2019 18:51 PM

I sold mine. Just know the resale on diamonds is pretty low. My ring was a basic 1/2 carat, very plain gold band, plain gold wedding band. (My ex picked it out, surprised me. Told me later he got the 1st one he saw. I paid off the loan after the wedding, so I basically bought my own ring). Anyway, I didnít want it for a pendant or anything. None of my kids wanted it. I went to 3-4 different places (jewelry stores, pawn shop). 2 jewelry stores offered me $400. I recommend avoiding pawn shops. I was disappointed but I needed the $ as I was getting on my feet after the D. I put the $400 toward bills and that was that. I never regretted it. Itís a personal decision. To me, the rings were just material things. They no longer meant anything to me. If your ring is more valuable you might look online. Mine was too small to sell online.

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