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Hug your dog for me today

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carriemcsky posted 10/21/2020 14:00 PM

Take that extra few minutes to give a hug. Tell them what good boys/girls they are.

I can't hug my dog today. I did hug him yesterday, and I didn't want to let go. I hugged him before the vet tech came to give him a sedative. I hugged him while she injected it. I was still hugging him when the vet came in to give the last injection.

And even after he was gone, I still hugged him. After the vet left the room, saying to take all the time that we needed, I still hugged him.

I've been through this pain so many times. So many good animals have been in my life, and the pain certainly doesn't get any easier the older I get.

I don't post much anymore, but I know SI knows all about emotional pain. So thanks for listening to my current pain.

Please hug your dog for me today.

sisoon posted 10/21/2020 14:07 PM

I'm sorry for your loss.

crazyblindsided posted 10/21/2020 14:13 PM

I'm so sorry for your loss. I miss my dog who is at the Rainbow Bridge. I miss all my animals it is so bittersweet. I also miss my dog who I am currently separated from.

DragnHeart posted 10/21/2020 14:16 PM

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Chili posted 10/21/2020 14:26 PM


Hug given in honor of your boy. I can't even begin to try and describe the pain of this kind of loss, but you have lots of fellow travelers here who just get it.

You were a well loved dog Mom who gave him a wonderful life - I know you'll carry your memories together always.

Sending hugs your way as well.

zebra25 posted 10/21/2020 14:35 PM

No matter how long our trusted friends are with us it's never long enough. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Sending you hugs.

lieshurt posted 10/21/2020 14:37 PM

I'm so sorry hun

tushnurse posted 10/21/2020 14:38 PM


I'm hugging and being annoyed by mine right now, they think its O'ball thirty.

Sorry for your loss. I too have had many wonderful dogs in my life, but that never ever makes it easy when it's time to say goodbye.

May happy memories give you peace and strength.

BraveSirRobin posted 10/21/2020 14:59 PM

Mine politely tolerates hugs but loves ear scritches, so I gave her some with a belly rub in honor of your pup. I'm so sorry. Your story brought back memories of saying goodbye to my prior dog, the one who got me through infertility and grieving. It broke my heart to lose her.

they think its O'ball thirty
That cracked me up, tush. Every hour is o'ball thirty in our house.

Gottagetthrough posted 10/21/2020 15:27 PM

Iím so sorry for your loss. I will hug my puppy extra today

carriemcsky posted 10/21/2020 15:31 PM

Thank you all for your replies. Even though it's so painful right now, it's worth it to have had him in my life.

Every time I walked by his water bowl today, I had to remind myself that I didn't need to check if he needed water. I know I should remove it, but I'm just not ready. And the towel that we kept by the front door for when it was raining (to dry him off) , well, I had to pick that up many times today because I can still smell his fur on it from yesterday.

Thanks for understanding how much he meant to me.

WhatsRight posted 10/21/2020 15:34 PM

Can I ask what kind of dog he is? And how old he was when you got him???

carriemcsky posted 10/21/2020 17:53 PM

Can I ask what kind of dog he is? And how old he was when you got him???

Thank you for asking. He was a rough collie. Lassie. Our third collie. We've had him since he was 7 weeks old.

He got cancer. Nasal cancer. Kind of rare. He was only 9 years old. We should have had a few more years with him.

I know the pain lessens over time. But right now it just freaking hurts.

still2suspicious posted 10/21/2020 18:30 PM

I am so sorry for your loss.

We went camping this weekend and I found myself constantly looking for her. (She went over the Bridge in March)

She loved to sleep by the door on rugs. I still use her rugs. Makes me smile.

Pets are the best!

number4 posted 10/21/2020 19:09 PM


BraveSirRobin posted 10/21/2020 19:36 PM

They stay with you forever in some ways. For most of my previous dog's life, we didn't have kids. She was the third point on our little triangle for almost a decade before our babies arrived. After she died, I thought I'd gotten used to being dogless until one night when my H and I came home together to an empty house (the kids were with his parents). I turned the key in the lock and realized that muscle memory had kicked in, and I expected her to be there to greet us. She had been gone for seven years.

BearlyBreathing posted 10/21/2020 19:44 PM

It is so hardó- Iím so sorry Carriemcsky. They give us nothing but love (and hair balls, in my catsí case) and they carry such a big piece of our hearts.

Glad you had such a good boy, and glad he had you.


Bigger posted 10/21/2020 20:09 PM

So sorry for your loss.
The pain you feel and can be read in your post confirms this hardest decision pet-owners have to take was based on the right premise. We do this precisely because we love and care for our pets and that love is unselfish, even if the decision causes us pain.

A good friend of mine lives in a rural area with some horses and his 14-year old BC mix dog. Yesterday morning he went to look for his dog, only to find him in the stables where he had gone to sleep at his self-imposed task of watching over his friends the horses. He had passed away peacefully during the night. Nowadays its rare dogs die of old-age, and few animals die of old age in nature.

Maybe you can find some comfort in knowing your dog met this one on their journey over the Rainbow Bridge. You can definitely find comfort in knowing your post ensured many dogs got extra loving today.

WhatsRight posted 10/21/2020 20:23 PM

For sure!!!

Chrysalis123 posted 10/21/2020 20:38 PM

Oh Carrie, I am so sorry for your loss.

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