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Unresolved questions

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Stevesn posted 8/5/2020 09:35 AM

First of all, Iím not sure what you were doing on your date night so difficult to comment on what you both were wearing. Were you working out or playing tennis, then maybe old hoodie etc was appropriate. Going to a nice dinner, then I would have told her ďitís clear that you donít think it important to dress up for me like I do for you. Iím not interested in someone who does not think it important to put in any effort for the man she cheated on. We can cancel. Iíll go find my own dinner and go watch the hockey game on tv. You can do whatever you want. ď

How was the date night btw?

Also, I would not talk to the AP at all.

But I would talk to the best friend. I would not tell my wife I am doing so.

I would call her and ask her to tell you everything she knows about your wifeís relationship with the AP. Every detail. Let her know that as a victim of infidelity she should know how important it is for you to have the absolute truth.

If she says she wants to talk to your W first, Iíd get her right then and there and tell your wife that you expect her to tell her friend to tell you everything without hesitation and if she doesnít then itís time you both start going your separate ways. Then have your wife stay in the room so she cannot text her friend while you are talking to her. Tell your wife you and she can talk after but she cannot interrupt the friend or the conversation.

If you think the OBS still has value, then reach out to her again.

Itís time you have the truth and itís time your wife lets go of the outcome and letís you obtain it.

[This message edited by Stevesn at 10:25 AM, August 5th (Wednesday)]

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