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In 2020, I will...

LifeDestroyer posted 11/24/2019 11:55 AM

I found this and really liked it. Here's hoping I can accomplish all of these.

- be clear with what I want
- overcome my fear of rejection
- not dwell on my mistakes
- embrace change, let go of things and people that need to go
- be patient, let time do its job
- develop habits that make me better
- be kinder
- heal as necessary
- stop self-doubt
- communicate
- try to be happier, but most of all, try to have a meaningful life

What change are you hoping for in 2020?

thatbpguy posted 11/24/2019 12:15 PM

I want to stay focused on things most important to me.

My wife
The kids
The grandkids

Just keep my priorities few and always uppermost in my mind.

Darkness Falls posted 11/24/2019 13:26 PM

....be a better parent.

....get back into peak physical condition.

....gain clarity on where this joke of a marriage is going to go.

EllieKMAS posted 11/24/2019 13:31 PM


-No to doing things I don't want to do out of obligation.

-No to doing things that don't positively affect my life.

-No to putting up with less than I deserve.

-No to telling myself I'm not good enough.

-No to staying silent when people overstep my boundaries.

I am going for clarity in 2020. And part of that is getting comfortable with the word NO.

PS, 2019 can eat dicks. Just mho.

[This message edited by EllieKMAS at 2:04 PM, November 24th (Sunday)]

LifeDestroyer posted 11/24/2019 13:34 PM

Ellie, 2019 can go suck a big bag of dicks

MrsWalloped posted 11/24/2019 14:22 PM

Be vulnerable (my hardest thing to do)
Be authentic
Be supportive
Be empathetic
Be less of a people pleaser
Be kind to the person in the mirror

EvolvingSoul posted 11/25/2019 10:25 AM

...keep breathing, be imperfect, be enough.

Buffer posted 12/1/2019 12:19 PM

Be vulnerable (my hardest thing to do)
Be authentic
Be supportive
Be empathetic
Be less of a people pleaser
Be kind to the person in the mirror

What Mrs Wallop said^^^^^^

Chaos posted 12/1/2019 13:19 PM

Be just as fabulous as I was before.

However I will also:

*make more time for me [even if it is a cup of coffee in private]
*laugh harder and more often
*find a new hobby I enjoy
*dance in the supermarket isles if the mood strikes
*take time to wander in the store isles I never have time to venture down [smell the roses but with retail LOL]
*compliment at least 3 people daily
*keep up the "pay it forward" trend when stopping for coffee
*remind myself to live in the present. I often find myself ruminating about the past or obsessing about the future. I will be mindful of the present
*bring back the art of written correspondence. Txt, email, social media are great - but a handwritten letter or card just because...who wouldn't want their day brightened to see something inside the mailbox other than a bill or advertisement. I'll even work on my fancy script, find a smooth pen and maybe get one of those fancy envelope wax sealer kits. (note- this could be the new hobby I come up with - maybe I'll make the note cards myself)

Need2Do posted 12/2/2019 10:14 AM

My goals for 2020 are:
- break free of the emotional 'jail' I've put myself in
- with in the year, deal/resolve my 'foo' issues
- begin learning new coping strategies to become a 'safe' partner
- continue learning to be less in my head, and more talkative
- say what I need/want (know what I need)
- boundaries - write them out, and enforce them, with people outside my family, with my family, with my BS, and myself (not crossing other people's boundaries)
- seek self-forgiveness
- be able to laugh with BS about A (talk freely about A with no shame)
- have a solid outline of 'why's' established - to work with Therapist on
- find a hobby that doesn't cost a fortune, and brings me joy and satisfaction/fulfillment
- find a more secure job

It's going to be a very busy year...lol

hikingout posted 12/2/2019 10:50 AM

I have been thinking a lot about this. Most of my goals are more accomplishment based. But, the "softer" goals are no less important.

I think I just want to remember to connect with my heart on a daily basis, to really be in the moment more, and I want to be a fountain of love and support for others.

Buzzy posted 12/2/2019 11:04 AM

Put my family before my ego, let my parents know how thankful i am for always being there for us.

Stop my pathetic need to be seen as a "winner" in things that dont really matter and realise i have already won in things that do matter.

ChanceAtLife35 posted 12/2/2019 13:53 PM

-stop being selfish
-stay truthful no matter what
-Be empathic
-be mindful and respectful daily to my BW and kids
-continue to journal and read books that I can learn from
-daily self care
-tell myself I am worthy until I feel it natural
-stay connected with myself and be authentic
-enjoy being alone
-build and maintain healthy relationships
-do what I love out of life
-respect and be mindful of others
-no more people pleasing
This is a great start..

FacerOfShame33 posted 12/5/2019 10:35 AM

-continue to improve and grow
-be there for my son as much as possible
-be humble and not wallow in selfpity
-establish new and healthy outlets
-be supportive and vulnerable and authentic with my BS
-pray more then I already do

TimSC posted 12/8/2019 10:43 AM


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