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Clinodactyly help?

DragnHeart posted 2/15/2019 16:44 PM

All of my kids have Clinodactyly or incurving of the pinky finger.

DD and Big D have it really badly. So much so that Big D's kindergarten teachers thought he had broken his fingers.

One thing they have noted in his report card and at the parent/teacher meeting was that he writes and draws so softly it's hard to see. They are working with softer lead pencils for him.

In my reading I have come across references to the pinky and ring fingers being the ones that help with overall strength of the hand. In fact that 50% of hand strength comes from those two fingers and those with Clinodactyly dont have alot of strength.

Does anyone here have this or have any information/suggestions on ways I can help strengthen his hands?

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