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New beginning now includes a dog

deena04 posted 12/16/2018 02:26 AM

And Iím in love with the dog. Long story short, my dog had passed away a while back. I was heartbroken. The ex is acting up and broke into my home, so I decided to go get a pup today. We went to the shelter and rescued one, and I am absolutely in love. New guy is also in love. Kids are in love. Iím laying in bed and mr. pup is curled up on the edge. ❤️

Chrysalis123 posted 12/16/2018 06:53 AM

Wonderful ....this thread is no good without a picture of your new furry friend!

WhoTheBleep posted 12/16/2018 08:21 AM

Congrats! I rescued my mutt in August, after my last dog passed. Best thing I ever did. She has truly saved me and my kids.

And she's a great alarm system.

Chili posted 12/16/2018 11:28 AM

Right on!

New beginnings should totally be marked with a dog.

My new beginning was all about my pup. He gets the credit for so many things (hence, thus, therefore, he is spoiled rotten as is only right).

So happy for you. Some of the best love out there for sure.

(I'm making shmunky talking to your dog noises for your guy right now. I talk like an idiot all day long to mine and don't really care what anyone else thinks.)

I second the picture thing!

Istayed posted 12/16/2018 11:58 AM

Congratulations on the puppers, I have a lab and sheís been such a comfort. Thereís nothing like the love of a dog.

deena04 posted 12/16/2018 19:08 PM

This pup has stolen our hearts. Iíll post a pic when I get on my computer. My phone wonít let me for some reason.

undertherug posted 12/17/2018 05:57 AM

Congrats on your new best friend. I have a shirt that reads "Yes, I like dogs more than most people so bite me."

lilies21 posted 12/17/2018 09:01 AM

Congratulations! Dogs are the best .

Charity411 posted 12/18/2018 10:03 AM

Deena, Good for you on getting a rescue dog. That's wonderful. A couple of years ago my dog died suddenly and I decided if I was going to get another dog it was going to be a rescue dog. So I adopted a 7 year old Treeing Walker Coon Hound named Norma Jean. She had been dumped in North Carolina after she was no longer producing enough puppies.

I live in northern Illinois, so it has been an adjustment for her in terms of weather. So I knitted her a sweater. It has been an absolutely wonderful experience. Lets face it. We know what it's like to get dumped so we can relate to them.

Zamboni posted 12/18/2018 16:04 PM

Doodle mom here ... congrats!!! 🐶

You did a great thing rescuing him!! Dogs are the best alarm system, so hopefully no more break-ins from your EX.

Are we allowed to post pics of our dogs? Iím so on that if we can!

deena04 posted 12/19/2018 10:57 AM

Ok I have not been on my private computer lately, and have only been on my phone, so how do I post a dog pic when I donít have a url as asked for in the image button? Usually I can get along with technology just fine but this one has me stumped.

CatsEye posted 12/25/2018 20:57 PM

Just a word of caution. A picture of your new dog could possibly be used to positively identify you.

deena04 posted 12/27/2018 21:46 PM

That's ok. I still can't figure it out anyhow. It says to type in or paste the URL. It's just a saved picture. I have no idea what I'm doing. Usually I can figure this out, but not this time.

WhoTheBleep posted 12/27/2018 22:03 PM

Deena, I've never been able to figure it out either. So happy for you and your sweet doggie. Rescuing again was the best decision I've made in a long time. She sleeps in WH's former spot every night. A much better partner, I must say.

[This message edited by WhoTheBleep at 10:04 PM, December 27th (Thursday)]

deena04 posted 12/27/2018 22:04 PM

Amen to that one! This one is so smart and so loyal. He's a sweetie. He loves New sweet guy and the kids. He loves everyone. It's great.

tushnurse posted 12/28/2018 08:07 AM

Congrats on the new Doggo.
They make our lives so much better.

Glad you took this step to help protect yourself as well.

I.will.survive posted 12/28/2018 08:15 AM

Aww, that's so great you rescued a dog!

Glad everyone is in love.

If you do decide to share a pic, you have to use an image hosting site like Photobucket. It's asking for a URL because you upload a pic to that site and then it gives you a web address to share here. When you post that link in a forum, it actually turns into the picture within your post.

The site is free, just requires an email.

TrustGone posted 12/28/2018 11:55 AM

I am so glad you got a rescue animals. I rescued one a year ago and he is the funniest dog I have ever had. He is very possessive of me and his toys and will growl at my poor other little sweet dog. He is so tiny that he couldn't hurt anything, but he thinks he's a bad ass. I bought him for my husband, but he is a Momma's dog. He cracks us both up everyday.

deena04 posted 12/30/2018 19:14 PM

Thank you. I'll try the photobucket method shortly and get it figured out. This dog is also hilarious. He is supposed to sleep on the doggy bed on the floor of my room. However, he jumps up and lays cross-wise across my bed. He's like a toddler in bed every night.

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