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Part-time job ideas?

lilies21 posted 10/3/2018 12:40 PM

Considering my car, new mortgage, and the amount of time I have on my hands, I have been thinking about getting a second job. The only issue is I could only work when I don't have DS, which is Tuesdays and every other weekend. I'm going to look into temp agencies but do any jobs come to mind that would allow those limited hours?


TheCaterpillar posted 10/3/2018 13:51 PM

Are you familiar with Uber and Lyft etc? I have a friend who drives Lyft, it's not without issue so do research but she finds it suits her well. Until last year she was SAHM, but her youngest started school this year. Now she drives lyft around he kids' schedule, she can still pick them up from school etc and can choose not to work evenings and only does saturday afternoons and nights so still gets plenty of time with her family. It's not a huge earner but she needed something flexible that would help with groccery costs but wouldn't involve childcare costs or her H giving up his job

Depending on the company you drive for it can be super flexible. You can install a in car dash cam for security if that's a concern for you.

lilies21 posted 10/3/2018 14:07 PM

I've thought of that but I'm currently sitting in an auto repair shop waiting for my rental vehicle to come because my car is having a fit . I would be nervous about using my car for anything right now.

I looking into local jobs and I don't mind cleaning ones where I wouldn't be face-to-face with a lot of people. I'll have to work on cover letters and be up front with my time constraints. Otherwise Lyft would have bee great. I had to use them three times in the last 24 hours....

latebloomer45 posted 10/3/2018 14:40 PM

My son has a friend who teaches English to Chinese kids on line. It's called VIPKids. (I won't add link but you can find it.) They take only 10% of applicants, but it's flexible and pays about $20 an hour (30 minute lessons.) The biggest issue is the time difference. Chicago and Bejing is 11 hour time difference. Most classes are desired by the parents in the early afternoon hours China time, so very early Chicago time. I considered it as I am in Germany and the time difference is only six hours, I would be teaching around noon my time. But I don't need the money so I didn't pursue it. I did look into it and it does seem to be legit. My son is thinking about doing it as he's not making a lot of money just now. (Teacher's assistant at $14 an hour and not 40 hours or 52 weeks either.)

You get chosen by parents and if you do well, apparently you will be more likely to get chosen by more parents. It's a six month initial commitment to however many hours you decide to do. But no guarantee your hours will be filled. It takes a while to build up a clientele. They teach you how to teach, it's not on you to figure it out. IIRC you can choose the ages you are willing to teach as well.

So not the easiest thing, but I think very decent money for work from home.

P.S. Anyone driving for Uber or Lyft should talk to their insurance company's complicated!

thatbpguy posted 10/3/2018 16:38 PM


bobbyu posted 10/3/2018 21:03 PM

My niece also teaches English to Chinese students and while its hard to break into, once you're with it and doing a decent job its almost impossible to lose the job and you can set your own hours. (But yeah timezone thing would be tricky) Have you ever thought about buying and selling online? I know for a fact that you can make a decent living reselling wholesale items but it takes an amount of money around 500-1000 in my experience to get started.

tushnurse posted 10/4/2018 07:27 AM

There are always retail jobs, and places hiring for Xmas now.

lilies21 posted 10/4/2018 09:00 AM

Thanks, everyone! I've been considering retail jobs too but I'm not entirely comfortable with those. I was a cashier at Target during my teens and being required to ask people to sign up for the credit card drove me nuts. I'm not a seller. I can't push anything. Our local grocery store has an open position though where you fill online orders; customers place the order online, you go around the store gathering the items, and load them into their car. I think I'll apply for that one today . Something a little physical after sitting all day for my regular job would be nice!

TheCaterpillar posted 10/4/2018 09:57 AM

Yeah, car trouble would rule out the lyft idea.

As an interim would you consider cleaning or yard work clean up? It's not necessarily steady work but could give you a bit of extra dosh while you're applying for a permanent parttime job.

Definitely look for seasonal retail jobs (although I'm not sure if this is rule out in you not wanting to be face-to-face with a lot of people). Cafes and diners (especially in the vicinity of shopping malls/high streets) will also want extra staff for christmas.

I like the teaching English idea. It's something you can follow up with a TEFL course (teaching English as a foreign language) if you enjoy it and want to consider taking on more. My friend took a 5 day course prior to doing a gap year missionary trip to India.

It would take a bit longer to start paying off but have you considered setting up your own business in sales (kind of like Avon etc). I have friends who have done this with various brands and products to varying degrees of success. If you're social media savvy it could be a viable option for you, it does take a lot of extra work but again it's time flexible and would avoid the issue of unreliable transport. If you do take an interest in this be sure to get support on your taxes as it can get complicated about what can and cannot be written off.

little turtle posted 10/4/2018 10:06 AM

You can probably do retail without doing cashier for the holiday prep. Stocking and organizing the shelves and whatnot.

Sananman posted 10/4/2018 12:52 PM

I have a former neighbor that works as a server at a retirement home. A lot of those places hire part-timers for the meal times to get service out to the dining area and bus up afterwards. She really enjoys it as it only takes a few hours, a few days of the week and has found the retirees at the home fun to talk to and visit with.

tushnurse posted 10/5/2018 08:23 AM

Retail doesn't mean interacting with people.

I worked at good Ole Wally World back in the day. When I was home on summers, and breaks I worked, and there were times (before they were open 24/7) they wanted night crews to come in and stock, clean up, and get ready for the next day. I loved these shifts, often going in at 9 in the evening and working until 2-3 am. Still not all night, still could get some regular sleep, and we had a blast. Crank up some tunes, and unload pallets upon pallets of stuff. Easy work, and they paid a differential for working the odd hours. I believe Kohls, and Penny's both have shifts like this now.

Carissima posted 10/5/2018 09:39 AM

What about getting yourself set up to be a home telephone operator?

I believe in a lot of cases all you need is a land phone line and home computer. I'm not talking sales, you basically wait at home living your normal life waiting answering calls they come in, a number of organisations are outsourcing or supplementing their customer service depts this way. Once you're trained you can set your own hours on a lot of places, as long as you do your contracted hours.

The good thing is if you contract for a small number of hours then you may end up being able to do overtime for a higher rate of pay.

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