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I have a weak stomach. Very weak. Before all of this, when the dog would barf, I would gag a few times and clean it up. NOw that all of this crap is going on, I actually do the sympathy barf in addition to tons more gagging. What is going on with me??? I've always had a weak stomach, and still celebrate the anniversary of potty training my youngest (we're coming up on 7 years, here, people!) but this is getting out of hand. Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone have any advice for this?

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I used to have a weak stomach until I became a mother. Once I had babies peeing, puking, and pooping on me nothing phases me any more.

Could it be stress related?

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You may just be so stressed you can't deal with one more thing!

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I don't know how to change a weak stomach. That's why surgery was out for me as a med student (shudder).

When I'm more stressed it gets worse. I took a LOT of Zofran after d-day.

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I assume you are a BS? If so it might be because you have thousands of dead butterflies in your stomach.

Symbolic yes. However I have cycled for years and can ever remember getting a stomach cramp. Ever since d day when I do a hard effort on the bike I get a stomach cramp. Someone hear told me the same thing - dead butterflies. Just got one last week and I td myself when I can go a month without one I can consider at "forgiveness". May sound silly, however at least it is a quantitative measurement, rather than a feeling.

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Probably is stress related. Something gross added on top of all the other stuff that is going on just put everything in reverse. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the comments.

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Stress triggers digestive issues for me too. I eat healthy but after DD I barely eat and what I do comes to haunt me in many unpleasant trips to the bathroom. I found crisp bread helps keep you full and firm things up. It also stays in your stomach to help absorb acid that gets over produced during stress time. The brand I get is called Wasa. Two of those with hummus or eat it with soup will do the trick each day. Good luck.

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I agree. Stress is bad for you. It totally messes up everything.

I told WH that I was done on march 21. I ate very little the last week. Over the weekend I was so sick to my stomach from the constant emotional abuse he was meeting out that I didn't bother eating for three days. When I did try. I came back up.

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Stress plain and simple
Activates the digestive enzymes. I bit a gastric ulcer from mine and needed meds.
See your doctor, may need something to block the acids.

May be tmi but I also get diarrhea

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