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Yup, it has been 3 years already for me. First year was hell. Second year was hell-lite and the third was just plain misery. Separation agreement should be finalized any day now, divorced a year from that, stbxww moves to her new house with our kids beginning of December. Twas always a deal breaker for me, tried to stay for the kids sake but I didn't factor in how miserable I would be....hence the separation/divorce.

I don't really feel any better for trying to stay with the WW, but I don't regret the extra time living in the same house with my girls.

So its off to divorce/separation forums and at some point new beginnings....just an update for those at the onset of a infidelity situation similar to a wise member here often says "affairs kill marriages" which was true in my case, but I wish those of you that are trying to R the best of luck, it takes two very strong people to recover from this crap. (thanks to this site I did survive infidelity, it was just my marriage that didn't)

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I am one month behind you on the Dday 10/29/10. We never forget.

By far the very worst experience of my life. Thankfully, we are in successful R and are in a better place.

You obviously gave it your all but understandable infidelity IS a deal breaker for so many.

I hope that you find true happiness as you venture on to another chapter in your life.

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I am sorry that reconciliation didn't work for you, daddio. How are your girls taking it? Do you have liberal visitation or shared custody?

It was good that you gave reconciliation a shot. It is also good for you to realize that you shouldn't have to be miserable. I really find it so sad here when some are so miserable in their marriages but they refuse to end it for any number of reasons.

Best of luck on your new journey!

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"affairs kill marriages"

UO says this all the time - in fact, expands it to say that is what affairs are meant to do. I believe her. Sorry things didn't work out for your daddio. Best of luck in your NB.

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By far the very worst experience of my life.

I would agree....

SM....We haven't told the girls yet, waiting until after the youngest birthday to tell them, don't want her to associate her birthday with the divorce news. I work shift work so she is getting physical custody and I am getting every other weekend and liberal visitation.

Tred...I was quoting UO, she is spot on with that saying!

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D-Day 09/27/2010 Wayward wife had a 10 month A with married DB co-worker Separated Oct. 2013

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Best of luck in your new life. I am coming up on three years in December, and although it is still tough, I know we will make it.
I am so sorry that your wife's decision caused the break up of a family, but for every act there are consequenses. Too bad they never think about that at the time.

Have a wonderful life and enjoy your kids.

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