User Topic: Free E-book for survivors of relationship abuse
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I don't know how long it will be available for free. Take advantage of the offer.

Hope it helps someone.


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I just downloaded it ~ Thank you!

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2.99 to kindle.
Worth it.
Thanks K!

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How accurate is this? WH checks off 28 of the 30 red flags on the web site at times

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Thank you.

Downloaded it and read it. The whole 'grooming' section is like a verbatim telling of what FWH told me. I'm so glad IC/MC picked up on this and told us what OW truly was. The books we have read on the subject have made it crystals clear for us. They have been able to help us put OW behind us and move forward.

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Saving this for later. Thank you.

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Thanks for sharing a lot of great articles for those dealing with a NPD ex.

I couldn't download the book due to my location, but the site is great.

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Thank you for the site and book info.

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