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Sent ex-shat a text yesterday:
fyi: state did not receive Teslet's support payment.

He was supposed to have had the self garnishment put in place before the great Disney trek.

Since then, guy has been texting me the blow by blow account of his steps to rectify the situation. I have sent back crickets. This morning he sent a text that it has been officially paid. I'll be able to see a payment within a business day.

Of course, there is still the matter of the arrears and the tax refund...but it would be nice to have this part of the battle over with.

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He's a keeper.....for Stripperwhore.

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You can call me NIK

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Is the state going after him for the arrears? Do you already have a court order for the arrears and the tax refund? I think if you took any orders to the state they would garnish his pay check or even his tax refund.

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Oh I'd be flaming mad if I didn't get my CS payment and he's off blowing money.

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peridot, supposedly I am getting the arrears and tax refund in 2 weeks. I'm not holding my breath but I don't mind letting this guy a little bit more rope to hang himself. In three weeks he will be wishing he had done the right thing.

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