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User Topic: May I ask a Question about the Auctions?
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Default  Posted: 3:08 PM, June 11th (Tuesday)

I would love to take part in this, but I was wondering if it is ever told whether the item was a gift from the ex-spouse?

I love to support things such as this, but I respectfully don't want the negative energy from a - for example - piece of jewelry that has a 'dark history'.

I mean no disrespect. Am I out of line to ask this? If so, I deeply apologize.

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Default  Posted: 4:20 PM, June 11th (Tuesday)

To the best of our knowledge the items that are donated are from members that feel SI could benefit from them while someone else gets to enjoy them.

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Default  Posted: 5:39 PM, June 11th (Tuesday)

Any item sent to SI to support this awesome site is stripped of all negative energy and replaced with positive, healing energy.

I hope I am allowed to post here

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