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If you find that your life is no longer consumed with the pain of infidelity, we welcome you to stay as long as you share your experiences of infidelity by reaching out and supporting our newer members in the Just Found Out, Reconciliation or Divorce/Separation forums.
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Weekend Sad in AZ1710/11/2014 12:15:46 PM
Would you date someone with the same name as your ex? She11ybeanz1410/11/2014 11:38:37 AM
Choices and the stuff you learn... Forged11010/11/2014 10:46:44 AM
Realizing again how over invested I was with X W H InnerLight310/11/2014 7:09:11 AM
Anxious rant - Angry ex. Last ditch attempt by her allatsea1110/10/2014 11:28:01 PM
Quote about loneliness hurtbs410/10/2014 7:17:51 PM
I have an announcement! (warning, language) heartbroken_kk510/10/2014 7:06:46 PM
Back home from Paris! (pages: 1 2 ) Lonelygirl103110/10/2014 2:35:54 PM
A couple new things for my ongoing NB InnerLight810/9/2014 10:38:52 PM
is this true sullymeishadomi1010/9/2014 10:09:14 PM
t/j from “Talk me out of it” nomoreplease1410/9/2014 6:44:21 PM
Quote the raven, "bombay up please" asurvivor610/9/2014 7:28:09 AM
Tomorrow morning I am going to fall on my knees and thank God! risingfromashes1410/9/2014 5:32:54 AM
Celebrating a year of Freedom! BrokenDaisy510/8/2014 7:59:07 PM
Starting college at 30? Degree ideas? (pages: 1 2 ) raindrops14202810/8/2014 12:26:36 PM
13 years ago today click4it1310/7/2014 6:41:27 PM
Not happy with being me... Brandon808910/7/2014 8:23:34 AM
Need your advise Embers2Fire1810/7/2014 6:30:55 AM
Advice from the veteran post divorcees (pages: 1 2 ) justme12642610/6/2014 10:27:43 PM
Which qualities do you look for in a realtor? Helen of Troy410/6/2014 8:08:50 PM
Too soon to date: t/j from Advice from the veteran post divorcee mhca1510/6/2014 7:16:27 PM
I know I'll live WeepingBuddhist1710/6/2014 5:33:11 PM
8 years ago today, I was officially D Dreamboat410/6/2014 4:21:36 PM
Talk me out of it !!! MissMoneypenny710/6/2014 3:47:32 PM
feedback (pages: 1 2 ) veelop52610/6/2014 1:19:08 PM
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